Month: January 2016

3 ways to tie a Head wrap

Wrap Your Head in Style: 3 interesting ways of tying a fashionable head-wrap!

Hi Everyone! My post today is all about head wraps.. Now we’ve all seen the pretty head scarves that the lovely ladies of the yester-years wore… in both Hollywood and Bollywood… from Audrey Hepburn to Neetu Singh… head scarves added a fun element to the entire look and also made for a great style statement! [...]…

Daytime Desi Look

Daytime Desi-Look!

Hello ladies! How often does it happen that you have a cousin’s or a friend’s wedding coming up… you’ve planned all your outfits for the sangeet, mehendi, cocktails, reception, the wedding…well in advance… but coming closer to the occasion, you realize that you’ve forgotten the smaller (but extremely important) little functions that happen in the …



This wedding season, ditch the bling… ‘Will I look too plain? Everyone will be soooo decked up… will I look too underdressed?’ – Let’s be honest… We’ve all asked ourselves that question time and again… especially when planning our outfit for an Indian wedding function? I certainly have…! Personally, I’m not a huge ‘bling’ fan. [...]…

Wearing Shorts in Winter

Wearing Shorts in Winter!

So the winters have finallly hit Mumbai!! After decades of my existence here.. I’ve finally managed to witness a mild winter in Mumbai and am soooo loving it!!!  And that’s not just because of the awesome weather… it also means being able to dress up in all that gorgeous winter-wear that we only see in …


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