Month: March 2016


Loving Ikat… with

Ironically, the latest trend this season is something that’s timeless and evergreen…and that has been around for decades! The gorgeous and subtle weaves of Ikat – an ancient form of handlooms, from AndhraPradesh. Ikat textiles are characterized by their blurring shades of colour… one almost merging into another – an illusion created by the subtle …

travel style 7

RoadTrippin in Style: 5 style tips for long distance road travel

So just last night, I got back from my all-exciting trip to Hyderabad! And this time, we thought of skipping the flights and the trains… and decided to drive down instead! (A decision fueled by our 10day new and sexy, Mahindra XUV 500 W10!) 😀 Now every girl who’s done road travel in India, knows …

The Green Movement What Ethical Fashion Means

The Green Movement & What Ethical Fashion Means?!

The ‘Green Movement’ seems like ‘THE’ term in the fashion industry that has being doing the rounds off-late…! With the Green initiative hitting fashion weeks all over the world, and in fact, even the Oscars this year, one obviously starts to wonder, what is ethical fashion all about!? Can fashion really even be ethical? Isn’t …


3 ways to Reinvent a straight-fit maxi skirt with just a single knot !

So what happens when you get bored of (or don’t like the look of) a straight-cut maxi skirt? You either relegate it to the farthest corners of your wardrobe, give it away… OR… you Reinvent it! Now come-on! Reinvention doesn’t always have to mean pulling out your DIY kit and giving a go at arts [...]…


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