Month: June 2018

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The Secrets of The Blue City : Inside Jodhpur

Hey Guys! Some of you who follow me on Instagram, youtube or facebook, know that I had been to Jodhpur in Rajasthan, about 3 weeks ago! Yes, it was the peak of summer and Jodhpur was hot like crazy, but the little nuggets that I’m going to share with you, will tell you what made …

Durga in the modern day - pinkpeppercorn culture blogger

Durga – The Goddess in Today’s World

  When we think of the Goddess Durga – what comes to mind?   Red!   A powerful, fierce woman… dressed in bridal finery… with wild hair and weapons in her hands! Perched on her throne which is a lion – the most powerful animal in the Jungle!   Everything about her, screams power…! Power …

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Wearable Stories – Featuring Razia Kunj

I’ve always felt that ‘fashion’ is nothing, but art- a means of story-telling. What you wear needs to say something- something about you, your mood, your beliefs or your personality! It’s a form of expression. So, while trends may be the same for all, their interpretation for each one is different. Because each one of …


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