Satyabhama: The Shrew

Satyabhama… The most beautiful, most ‘pampered’ and most ‘possessive’ wife of Lord Krishna! A lot of you may not have heard of Satyabhama, but once you read about her, I’m pretty sure, you’ll understand her as one of the most amusing characters in Indian Mythology…! Satyabhama was, somewhat like a spoilt, pampered, brattish South Bombay …


Draupadi: In Today’s World!

This look is inspired by a little more imagination than just mythology! What if Draupadi lived in the modern day… how would she be?! I’d imagine her as a powerful, confident, go-getter… she could be in any career she chooses to be in… A corporate woman, a lawyer, an artist or a blogger, but she’d [...]…

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Draupadi: The Fire Born

As with all my posts under Mythic Fashion, I’d like to start with saying that Sanathana gives one and all the freedom to interpret, re-interpret and understand religion as per them. This, is my version of Draupadi, based on my readings, research and embellished with my own imagination. Everyone knows of Draupadi… though most of …


Inspired by Tibetan Folklore

All those of you, who know me; also know my obsession for accessories and jewellery. It’s one thing I simply can’t get enough of! One of my favourite places to buy accessories from is not a store at some mall… it’s actually the local flea markets in different cities when I travel. And Tibetan flea …


Perfectly Athleisure in Jogger Pants and Tank Tops!

‘Athleisure’- one of the biggest global trends rocking (literally) the fashion world these days…! It’s nothing but two words… ‘Atheletic’ and ‘Leisure’! Simply put, it’s just about wearing what’s typically supposed to look like ‘sports-wear’, to ‘non-sporting’, casual and social occasions! And it’s been doing the rounds in India as well! So if you’ve seen …


Vintage Vibes & Bell Bottoms

I’ve always felt that I was born a little too late… I should’ve been born in the 60’s to be a part of that dreamy Summer of Love or the whole Hippie Movement. Every time I go to a new city, I run to its vintage markets! Somehow, being able own a piece of the …


Beach Bohemia

Why Beaches and Boho are a match made in heaven! Did you know you have a ‘Blue Mind’?! I didn’t… but according to Wallace J Nicholas, we all have a Blue Mind! It means “A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity and a general sense of happiness and satisfaction with life in the …


Boho Demystified!

As a second chapter of my ‘Inspired Fashion’ series… this one is me creating a modern-day Bohemian look inspired by the Latinas, Roman warriors and Tribal arts! Actually, while working on this look, I was generally trying to find out the history behind the various elements that we use in this ‘on-trend’ ‘boho-chic’ look, and …


Rethink Ethnic: Summer Fusion with Trisha Dutta

I love it when young designers reinvent and rethink ethnic Indian handloom fabrics, to create modern  fashionable fusion outfits…. While still maintaining their Indian-ness! Fabrics like Khadi, cotton silks, Bhagalpuris and Ikats have been my all-time favourite and the last couple of years have seen a huge fashion revolution when it comes to Indian handloom. [...]…


Spanish Style: The Country Girl

I’ve always had this fascination for taking traditional stories and cultures, and using them as inspiration to create looks that I’d wear in today’s world! Spanish and Latin American Cultures have always fascinated me greatly as they’re symbolic of the fun and freedom from centuries ago! Traditionally, Spanish culture is what inspired all of Latin American [...]…


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