Wearable Art

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way fashion is created and consumed in India. Where even half a decade ago, people were going crazy about innovations in synthetic fabrics and large scale, short production cycles… we’ve come back to a point where natural, rough fabrics, the thought, the skill …

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Zodiac Fashion: Capricorn

  If you ever want fashion advice from someone, ask a Capricorn woman! A Capricorn knows what the perfect outfit is for every occasion…! Capricorns – Perfectionists in their own right, have a classic sense of style!   A Capricorn will always know what’s the most ‘appropriate’ thing to wear for which occasion. They have …


Inspired by Sri Lanka

Last month, I celebrated my Birthday in Sri Lanka and must say, I was totally smitten by the sheer natural beauty of the place! The bright turquoise blue ocean, the stark shades of green and the bright orange sunset… together, they formed a medley of colours that I’ll never get out of my mind. I’ve …


Zodiac Fashion: Sagittarius

  It’s the eve of my birthday today, and I thought I should begin this new year (My new year) with something new and interesting. Since my birthday falls on 21st of Dec, that essentially makes me a cusp between Sagittarius and Capricorn… although, most of my personality traits match with those of a Sagittarius …

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Shiva: The Destroyer

  One would think with me doing this series on Mythic Fashion i.e. fashion inspired by mythological characters and stories… that I’d primarily be picking the Goddesses! But the Gods in Indian Mythology are every bit as inspiring, gorgeous and ‘stylish’ as the Godesses…! (Sometimes even more! ;))   Take Lord Shiva for example!   …

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Look Like a Million Bucks Even When You’re Broke!

Hi Everyone! Let’s face it! While every cash hoarder out there is trying to find out how to convert black money in to white… we fashion hoarders have perennially sought answers to a similar problem… How to convert all those clothes that we have lying around in our closet into something super-fashionable and wearable!?! And …


My Fusion Festive Look Book

Hey Guys! Just because Diwali’s over, don’t assume that you need to stop thinking about that ethnic festive wear… Coz the wedding season has only just begun! I’m sure you all already have tons of invitations piled up… and if not, then they’ll come! The thing I’ve realized in all these years is that if …


Satyabhama: Part 2: The Warrior Princess & the Story of Diwali!

As with all my posts under Mythic Fashion, I’d like to start with saying that Sanathana gives one and all the freedom to interpret, re-interpret and understand mythology as per them. This, is my version of Satyabhama, based on my readings, research and embellished with my own imagination. If you’ve read my previous post about …


Satyabhama: The Shrew

Satyabhama… The most beautiful, most ‘pampered’ and most ‘possessive’ wife of Lord Krishna! A lot of you may not have heard of Satyabhama, but once you read about her, I’m pretty sure, you’ll understand her as one of the most amusing characters in Indian Mythology…! Satyabhama was, somewhat like a spoilt, pampered, brattish South Bombay …


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